R & D Sod Farms, Inc.

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R&D Sod specializes in locally grown Floratam Sod.  Floratam is the most widely used and proven St. Augustine variety turfgrass in the State of Florida!  We can deliver a full load to a jobsite or 1 pallet to your home.  Call today for information on your sod needs.

       R&D Sod Farm is in south Osceola County.  This is outside of St. Cloud, Florida.  Being located in this fertile agricultural area puts the farm just far enough away from the city to have a farm, but close enough to service Vero to  Lakeland and all the Orlando/Central Florida area.  We can make timely deliveries, sometimes the next day.

       Our trucks will deliver the sod to you and unload it with our forklift.  You make the telephone call and we'll bring the Floratam.